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Sandy H says: I tried Deborah because of the extremely positive reviews she got on Yelp and all those reviewers were right! She is fantastic...skilled, caring, friendly and really smart. i am getting a massage a month from now on :)


The best!


Lauren C says: Deborah is so caring and warm hearted. I felt welcomed and relaxed as soon as she gave me a big hello and a hug! :) The massage was AMAZING! I feel like a new person today (day after the massage) and didn't realize my body was in such need of her touch! Now if only I can get my stubborn husband to go see her ;). THANKS DEBORAH!


My new best friend!


Ryan C says: I was referred to Deborah by some jogging buddies before my first marathon run. In minutes, she knew my muscles better than I did. She really gave my legs what they needed; she was able to really work my body up to the edge of discomfort, but not cross that line. And so much "hurts so good." I haven't had a million massages, but it was clear to me her skill is an order greater than what you can expect to find anywhere else. I'd say her hands are magic, but I'm sure her talent is an accumulation of careful experience over the years. And while she is absolutely professional, at the same time she makes me feel comfortable, relaxed and casual like an old friend.

Miracle worker!



r c n says: After months of pain and stiffness in my left shoulder and neck, I decided physical therapy wasn't enough and opted for my first ever deep tissue and trigger point massage. Every step of the way, from making the initial appointment through the session itself, I found the process with Deborah to be easy, professional, warm, and supportive. Her inital consultation with me was thorough and relaxed. Throughout the massage, Deborah asked how I was feeling. When she applied pressure to the trigger points it was definitely intense, sometimes painful, but she helped me breathe through those moments. After the massage she showed me exercises to further help, and gave me a big hug! That night and the next morning - as she had warned - my muscles ached, but later that next day I felt surprisingly pain free! After gardening I even found myself sweeping on my left side - something I wouldn't have done for months prior due to the pain. I definitely look forward to my next massage with Deborah.




Andrea L says: I've had a lot of massages in my lifetime, and I can confidently say that Deborah is the BEST massage therapist out there. Deborah knows exactly where all your knots are just by looking at your back. It's incredible! She is extraordinarily strong and knows so many great techniques. I've had terrible knots in my back and neck for years, and Deborah was able to fix everything. Not to mention, Deborah has such a lovely, colorful, and hilarious personality. She'll ask you what type of music you want to listen to and even offer you hot chocolate and hot tea. Can't wait for my next massage with her!

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